Who We Are

Transformation Jacksonville

Vision - Northeast Florida, a totally transformed region
Mission - Northeast Florida is a blessed, peaceful and prosperous community evidenced by strong families, high employment, high graduation rates, low crime and low poverty.
Strategy - Everyone in every street, neighborhood, school and workplace is being blessed, prayed for, served and offered the gospel by the body of Christ.

Who We Are

The movement which has become Transformation Jacksonville, began several years ago, influenced by Harvest Evangelism, and its founder, Ed Silvoso. Transformation Jacksonville has embraced the vision of Harvest Evangelism, dedicated to serving the entire Body of Christ around the globe while instilling vision for city, regional and nation-wide transformation.

The Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation, the Biblical principles of prayer evangelism (Luke 10: 1-9, I Timothy 2:1-8), marketplace transformation (Acts 2:17-21) and unity in the Body (John 13:35) form the core strategy for our efforts.

In mid-2009, a core group of committed ministry and marketplace leaders began to meet for the purpose of praying for the Lord’s guidance to accomplish the spiritual transformation of Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. A major rallying event occurred when Transformation Jacksonville partnered with the First Coast Global Day of Prayer on May 23, 2010 at Metropolitan Park. The event drew over 1000 residents of NE Florida. Transformation Jacksonville’s partnership with the Global Day of Prayer activities resulted in the public proclamation of Transformation Jacksonville’s effort to have every street in the City of Jacksonville, which numbers over 10,000, adopted for the purpose of neighborhood prayer evangelism. This website has been established to record these street adoptions and neighborhood prayer captains.

Four Principles of Prayer Evangelism

There are four principles of prayer evangelism that Transformation Jacksonville has committed to implement:
1) Bless: Speak peace to the people. (Luke 10:5)
2) Fellowship: Listen. (Luke 10:7)
3) Minister: Address the felt needs in the name of the Lord. (Luke 10:9a)
4) Proclaim: Let it be known that the kingdom of God is nearby. (Luke 10:9b)

Six Cultural (Marketplace) Sectors of Influence

In addition to prayer evangelism, Transformation Jacksonville believes that the six marketplace sectors of influence within communities must be reached with the love of Christ by the Church in order to produce spiritual transformation. These sectors are:
1) Education
2) Business
3) Family
4) Government/Military
5) Arts
6) Media

Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation

As Transformation Jacksonville embarks upon its mission, we embrace the Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation:
1) We are called to disciple nations, not just individuals. (Matthew 28:18-20)
2) The Marketplace, which is the heart of the nation, has been redeemed and now needs to be reclaimed. (Luke 19:10)
3) Every Christian is a minister, and labor is worship. (1 Timothy 2:1-8; Acts 20:34-35)
4) We are called to take the kingdom of God to where the gates of hell are, for Jesus to build His Church. (Matthew 16:18)
5) Nation transformation must be tangible and the premier social indicator is the elimination of systemic poverty. (Galatians 2:10)

Transformation Jacksonville's vision is to see everyone in every street, neighborhood, school and workplace, blessed, lifted up in prayer, served and offered hope by the Body of Christ. The result will be a transformed community that is blessed, peaceful and prosperous, evidenced by high employment and graduation rates, and low crime and poverty.