Pray for Schools of NE Florida

Pray for Schools of NE Florida

Let’s join together with believers all over the First Coast on Sunday, August 13th to pray for the students and schools of NE Florida.

Every year for the past seven years Transformation Jacksonville has helped organize prayer for the public schools of the counties of NE Florida. Counties like Baker and St. Johns already had this wonderful prayerful habit, but with the combination of Duval, Nassau, and Clay (and now Putnam, and Flagler), the effort is more organized and impactful. Now, often the superintendents will alert the principals of each school to make them aware of this faith based opportunity (strictly on a volunteer basis).

This year’s day of prayer for the schools of NE Florida is Sunday, August 13 at the school campus of your choice. The structure is simple and similar to years past:

Elementary (2:00 – 3:00 PM) • Middle (3:00 – 4:00 PM) • High (4:00 -5:00 PM) • College/Trade (5:00 – 6:00 PM)

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Our Schools Need Prayer!

There are ways you can get involved! After you register to pray for a school (or multiple schools), we encourage you to send a letter to the principal of that school. Just copy and paste from the files below. Then join the event on Facebook and invite your friends to pray!

Email the Principal

Transformation Jacksonville is currently coordinating and co-hosting breakfasts in several of the NE Florida counties with Pastors and Principals both present. These are to highlight existing partnerships and foster new faith-based partnerships between churches and our public schools. In these events we also share about the Day of Prayer for our NE Florida Schools. Subsequently, there is even more awareness on the school side and the level of desire and expectancy from principals is higher than ever.

Beginning in June, we need your help to notify the principals of us coming to pray. Please use the letter already created for you, you just add the right names. Download the letter format that works best for you, copy and paste into an email, then personalize the blank spaces and send to the principal (emails available in our list or from the school website).


Downloadable Prayer Suggestions

Download optional Prayer Suggestions in PDF format:

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Join our Facebook event and invite your friends to pray:

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"I'm ready to make a commitment to pray for our schools!"
Use this form to let us know which school(s) you'll be praying for.

Engage Principals

Help us engage principals by sending a simple email. See above for more details.

Share the Event

Help us spread the word by joining and sharing the event and inviting your friends to pray.
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Encourage Students

Post about the event on other sites and mention it to your church leaders. This will encourage students to know you are praying for them!

Download Suggestions

Download optional Prayer Suggestions for the Day of Prayer in PDF format:
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Show Up Aug 13

Don't forget to pray for the school you've registered for on Sunday, August 13th! If you haven't already registered, take a moment to do that now.
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